So for the month of July I lived in Cuba studying the philosophy of Yoga. It was quite an experience since I don’t speak the language very well and since Cubans seem to still be living in the 20th century. Wifi is not a common commodity in this country and service with an American phone is almost unheard of. The cars are mostly old schools, many of them kept in good condition and many of them were breaking down on the side of the street. The people outwardly seem to mind that they live in the past but inwardly they love life and have quite an appreciation for the here and now.

We lived in Miramar for most of the month and moved to Santa Fe for the latter. While in Miramar I was able to frequent Old Havana regularly and immerse myself with some of the locals. Cubans like to dance and relax. Walking down the street on a daily you see men and women on porches and street curbs smoking Cohiba cigars and drinking on strong rum. I don’t think either contributes to there love of dance. I’m under the impression that every Cuban learns how to salsa before he turns 5 years old. Dance is everything.

Also, did you know guns are illegal in Cuba? Interesting to think that these people don’t live in such a high state of fear as other countries. Imagine growing up without fearing fights, guns and constant animosity.  Guns, prostitution, weed, porn and pesticides are just some of the many things that are illegal in this beautiful country. Pesticides? Yep all of there fruits and vegetables are truly organic. Walking down the street you can easily find avocados, mangos, limes, bananas and other fruits hanging off a variety of trees on the side of the road.

There are pros and cons to communism, of course one of the major flaws is that the people aren’t free to choose the life they want to live. The government just recently gave them the opportunity to own there own businesses again giving them the ability to make money for themselves instead of having to rely on government salary every month. Which is something between $20 – $30 a month. Imagine going to school for 5 years to be a lawyer and then graduate just to make the same amount of money as the janitor next door. Everyone shares in a Communist country. This can also be seen as a benefit because the sense of competition is reduced among Cubans providing them with a sense of community and brotherhood amongst all Cubans. Seems like everyone wants everyone to be happy.

In regard to Yoga, I learned much about the practice and philosophy but there is still much to learn. Dedicating myself to such a path requires much discipline and dedication. Inevitably I will become master of my mind and breath and consequently my focus and attention to the “Here and Now” will increase. I am now certified to teach so keep a look out for my upcoming classes. I will be teaching some Karma classes at Evolation Studio starting sometime this week.

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